Sean Neil-BarronPeople Look East
May Feature Article by Sean Neil-Barron
"Will you seek in far off places? Surely you come home at last; in familiar forms and faces, things best known, you find the best. Joy and peace are in this hour, here, not in another place. Here in this beloved flower; now, in this beloved face." ~ Walt Whitman

It's almost a cliché that Wizard-of-Oz moment at the end of the adventure when the main character realizes that whatever they were searching for was within them the whole time; they just hadn't realized it! It's great for viewers because we enjoyed watching their struggle and the triumph associated with attaining that realization. What a dull movie if Dorothy, after killing the Wicked Witch of the East, came to the realization that she could simply click her ruby slippers and go back to Kansas, pronto!

New England Region Advisory CouncilNew England Region Advisory Council

As New England's four Districts and Regional Staff live into new forms of organization, we all want to make sure that communication with our congregations and covenanting communities remains strong. The New England Region Advisory Council was created in the fall of 2015 to provide additional pathways for gathering feedback. Read more about the role of our Regional Advisory Council and find out who from your District is currently serving.

6 States of the New England Region

Regionalization in New England has been realized. Our transformation began several years ago, in careful steps and stages, with a vision to streamline governance, create efficiencies, and more closely align mission across all districts of our association. Through covenantal relationships in our work, we have journeyed together and have now arrived.

We are four districts, six states, that that are served by a single integrated staff team, with expertise in every area of congregational life. We have offices in Concord, NH and Watertown, MA, and staff physically spread out across New England.

The core purpose of our work is

  • to deepen INTERCONNECTION by cultivating relationships between and among congregations;
  • to grow INNOVATION by inspiring and coaching new and innovative models of "doing church;" and
  • to enhance IMPACT by midwifing existing congregations to their next level of impact.

Our program staff are often the first and primary source of support, counsel and information for lay and professional leaders. Contact us for any of the following

Program staff also designs and delivers learning events. We've planned more than 40 trainings, workshops, and programs for the 2015-2016 church year. These programs are designed to broaden knowledge, develop leadership skills, spark ideas and connect members of sibling congregations with one another. We hope to see you sometime this year.